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Transformative Breast Cancer Consortium
The Immune Solution to End Breast Cancer

The Transformative Breast Cancer Consortium (TBCC) consists of an integrated team of investigators. Our project groups were selected due to their extensive scientific interest and expertise, communication and collaborative research skills, and a shared perspective of their research goals

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Upcoming Events and Deadlines
November 2023 (no monthly TBCC meeting due to holiday)
  • 11/13:  ZOOM Meeting: Salon Hours (2 pm EST)​​
December 2023 (no monthly TBCC meeting due to holiday)
  • 12/11:  ZOOM Meeting: Salon Hours (2 pm EST)​​
  • 12/18:  ANNUAL DOD IPR Meeting (Virtual)​​
January 2024
  • 1/8:  ZOOM Meeting: Salon Hours (2 pm EST)
  • 1/25: ZOOM Meeting: TBCC BiAnnual Workshop (3 pm EST)

Project 1

Profiling the human breast tumor ecosystem to identify regulators of anti-tumor immunity


Patient Advocate Michele Atlan

Project 2

Dissecting the mechanisms of immune evasion employed by cancer drivers in breast cancer

Patient Advocate Michele Rakoff

Hospital Staff

Project 3

Targeting the epigenome as a therapeutic strategy for breast cancer


Patient Advocate Vernal Branch

Project 4

Study of the mammary myeloid regulation of T cells as a critical innate-adaptive immune checkpoint axis in the progression of BC

Patient Advocate Patty Spears

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Project 5

A live biobank at inflexion points of triple negative breast cancer: the DIGNITY study


Patient Advocate Helen Schiff

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TBCC Funded
Seed Projects

Generation of a novel octo-genic immune tolerant mouse (Octo-NG) to better model syngeneic tumor studies in fully immune-competent mice for TBCC groups

Zachary Hartman, PhD and Timothy Trotter, PhD

Duke University

Discovery of a dual combination WNT and PD-1/PD-L1 blockade therapy for treatment resistant and metastatic HER2+ breast cancers.

Joshua C. Snyder, Ph.D., Chaitanya R. Acharya, Ph.D., Joshua D. Ginzel, & Alexander Borowsky, M.D.

Duke University and UC Davis

Creating a 3D TNBC model of PTEN deficiency to discover immunoregulatory tumor epitopes

Wen Shen, PhD

Weill Cornell Medical College

Investigation of IGHG4/IgG4 expression in Breast Cancer

Co-Teams: Simon Knott, PhD and  Zachary Hartman, PhD  

Cedars-Sinai and Duke University

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Durham, NC 27710


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